Longitudinal Interprofessional Study

Profiles of recent graduates

Image of Kelly Pelham
Presenting my Tu Mahi work to Dr. Jonathan Coleman, Minister of Health

Kelly Pelham

Kia ora,

My name is Kelly Pelham and I am a recent Masters of Dietetics graduate, from the University of Otago. I am currently living in Gisborne and have my first ‘real’ dietetics job here. For the past four months I have been working for a Māori health organization, Turanga Health. I have more of a ‘public health’ role, where I mainly plan, develop and deliver nutrition workshops for primary industry workers under the MoH ‘Healthy Families’ initiative.

I first came to Gisborne in September last year to do part of my clinical placement under the Tairawhiti Interprofessional Education (TIPE) programme. This was a fantastic opportunity to learn with and about other health professional students, as well as experiencing what it is like working in a Māori community. During my time, I met someone very special and knew after just a few weeks that I wanted to come back to Gisborne. I was very lucky to be offered a Summer Studentship (research work) with Otago University, which allowed me to live and work in Gisborne over the summer. Part of my research involved interviewing the workplace providers involved with TIPE, including Turanga Health. This allowed me to make some good connections, leading to my first job.

This year I have made it my goal to complete a half iron man and have entered into the Māori ½ Iron Man in December. So my ‘spare’ time is getting in as much swim, bike and run training as possible. I am also in the process in re-writing my summer studentship report in order for it to get a publication. I would like to do the same for my thesis at some stage too. When I have ‘real’ spare time, I try and read (currently reading The Stand by Stephen King), bake, and of course spend time with Alex.